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Dear Entrepreneur:

What's the toughest challenge launching a new product?

Getting the word out!

You could have the GREATEST webinar, new book, podcast or seminar in the world!

What good does it do you if no one knows about it? 

I get it… it’s frustrating to put so much effort into developing a quality product.  It’s not easy to be in a situation where, after spending time and energy researching and creating a high-quality product, no one shows up! 

Are you facing this same problem? If yes, you’re not alone.

Many big name book authors, speakers and marketers were in the same situation.

But ALL successful business owners have cracked the code!

One of the best ways to get the word out is with video BUT…

Having a video is not enough! It needs to 'not' suck!

"Customers get bored! "

Lots of people promote using video.

This is not an earth shaking new realization HOWEVER…

Most people are using the wrong kind of video to ANNOUNCE thier launch! 

When you want to tell people about your book or product launch, you don’t need to tell them everything there is to know about your product. They just need enough information to make a quick decision. 



WHO- wrote the book, will be the guest, is speaking on stage or created the product.

WHAT- will the topic be.

WHERE CAN THEY- buy it, register, get tickets, or learn more. 

WHEN- is it happening. 

WHY- should they buy it, register, get tickets, or learn more RIGHT NOW! 

That’s it- anything else in an announcement video is too much. You customer is bored or impatient, and you lose traffic. 

it just needs to be the right kind of video


The right kind of video gives your customer ONLY what they need to know. This is especially important on social media channels where your customers are surfing through their feeds. Unless your video is really exciting, most people are not going to stop to watch! 

They get BORED!

True story! The miniscule attention span of a video watcher is now down to an average of 13 seconds! 

Your announcement video needs to ANNOUNCE- period. Full stop! 

You don’t have to give them all of the information that is on your website! You need to give them what they have to know and send them to your website for more information if they want it.  

I have a simple rule of thumb for videos now. 

My product launch announcement videos are 60 seconds or less! These are videos that you will find in Facebook ads, and Instagram feeds, following the WHO. WHAT. WHERE. WHEN. WHY. formula. 


Until now, there have been TONS of video templates put to market. Powerpoint video templates are a dime a dozen, and a new one launches every week. 

Have vendors not noticed that sales are GOING DOWN on these templates? 

How many 5 minute video templates do you need? If they aren’t working anymore, the answer is NONE! 

It’s time video templates caught up with the “Goldfish attention span” of your customer! 



BOOK BRAG is absolutely NOT another pack of video templates that you won't use!

Book Brag is a complete “PRODUCT LAUNCH PROMOTION” solution for your business. 

With Book Brag, you are going to get 60 second (or less) video templates, created in Powerpoint, and therefore easily edited by you or your assistant. Each video covers all of the points (WHO< WHAT< WHERE< WHEN< WHY) effectively presenting your customer with the exciting information they seek. They are efficient, but ALSO exquisitely designed with gorgeous graphics, and slick transitions that keep your customer interested.


It took our team several months to create these videos. We could have stopped right there! After all, no one else can give you an efficient and effective product launch video! But we always give you the best of the best! 

That’s why we ALSO include :

  1. Product launch OR Event announcement videos, 60 seconds or less- done in Powerpoint for easy editing, with beautiful graphics, eye catching transitions, and laid out in exactly the right format to give your customer the information they need. 
  2. MATCHING- High quality hard cover book mockup. Created in Photoshop, PSD files are easily editable in Photoshop, or free software like Photopea.
  3. MATCHING- exquisitely crafted flyers, bookmarks, banners… created exclusively by our graphic design team, and high resolution so you can use them for web and print! 
  4. Value added bonuses.

6 Reasons Why You NEED Book Brag

New Approach

Product and Book Announcements should be treated differently than video sales letters.

Perfect For Sharing

Perfect for short attention spans!

Matching Sets

Our graphic design team put a lot of effort into making sure designs are congruent. Consistency = Branding

Easy To Edit

Videos in PPT format and graphics in PSD format for simple editing

Multiple Options

Choose from 10 gorgeous template sets!

Novel Approach

We can guarantee you won't find anything like this anywhere else. We've designed the product from the ground up!

HERE'S why THE book brag APPROACH is better

So What Are Your Options? 

” Hire Video and/or Graphic Designer “

The cost of make the video is expensive. Average $50 /hour to hire a people in freelancer,
and you always need more time for revisions.

” Buy Single Templates “

You want to buy a Video Template?
A single template for After Effects can be more then $100, just for ONE business, and still needs to be adjusted in After Effects.


We Have A BETTER Solution!


Book Brag is a better way to announce your new
product, book, podcast, webinar and speaking engagement

Here is what you will get inside :

Promotion Video Templates

60 seconds or less, easy to edit, using the formula Who, What, When, Where, Why and all done only with Ms.power point

Book Cover Design Mockups

eCovers that match the corresponding video.

Book Mark Design Templates

Print quality graphics that can be used as a book mark, vertical business card, or online as a sidebar banner.

Kindle Book Design Mockups

Perfect for announcing your ereader format, or for use on your website as a banner ad.

Roll Up Banner Design Templates

Print quality resolution for venue advertising, or double as a website graphic

Flyer Promotions Design Templates

Print quality resolution for hand out advertising, or double as a website graphic


All designs are based on 2019 top business niches

" Portfolio 1 - Savvy "

"Savvy" Launch Announcement Video

"Savvy" Launch Announcement Tool Kit

" Portfolio 2 - Racy "

"Racy" Launch Announcement Video

"Racy" Launch Announcement Tool Kit

" Portfolio 3 - Smooth "

"Smooth" Launch Announcement Video

"Smooth" Launch Announcement Tool Kit

" Portfolio 4 - Sleek "

"Sleek" Launch Announcement Video

"Sleek" Launch Announcement Tool Kit

" Portfolio 5 - Amor "

"Amor" Launch Announcement Video

"Amor" Launch Announcement Tool Kit

" Portfolio 6 - Groovy "

"Groovy" Launch Announcement Video

"Groovy" Launch Announcement Tool Kit

" Portfolio 7 - Webinar "

"Webinar" Launch Announcement Video

"Webinar" Launch Announcement Tool Kit

" Portfolio 8 - Graycy "

"Graycy" Launch Announcement Video

"Graycy" Launch Announcement Tool Kit

" Portfolio 9 - Safety "

"Safety" Launch Announcement Video

"Safety" Launch Announcement Tool Kit

" Module 10 - Glowing "

"Glowing" Launch Announcement Video

"Glowing" Launch Announcement Tool Kit

We Wanted To BLOW YOU AWAY sO...

We've Added A GIGABYTE Of Extra Bonuses Inside Book Brag

  • 100 Brand New Premium eBook Covers come in PSD PLUS PowerPoint formats for easy editing. 
  • This will add tremendous value to your product. Agency license means you can edit the covers and sell them, or use them for your own projects ! 


Book Brag has a single purpose- to help you corner the competition at the very best price possible!


You can grab all of these portfolios, and All of the bonuses!

" Take advantage of our discounted price during launch "

But you must HURRY... The price will never be lower!!


During the Guarantee Period, once the file is downloaded, we will repair or replace, at no charge, any files that prove defective due to an error on our part.

 (please see full guarantee linked in footer)

" Frequently Asked Questions "

What is Book Brag?

Book Brag is a new style of marketing. It’s called Portfolio Marketing, following our HUGE launch of Market Crush. It’s an holistic approach to marketing that brings a common theme to your marketing materials. Book Brag takes portfolio marketing a step further, giving you specific marketing materials for your LAUNCH. 
After all, the launch is where you gain momentum. It is arguably the most important period during the life of a product. 

Are there OTO's?

YES  –  After purchasing the main offer, you will be offered an opportunity to buy an upgraded package that includes 20 more Marketing Portfolios at a drastically reduced price. You will also get the developer license with the upgrade product. 

The second upsell is the ORIGINAL Portfolio Marketing package called Market Crush. It’s perfect for your “after launch” period! If you don’t have it yet, you are going to want to snap it up.

What Are The Terms Of The Licenses?

You will have an Agency license
The Agency License allows you to edit and use the files in the portfolios for unlimited personal and business use. You may not sell the raw files, but only the videos and graphics you create in MP4 and graphic formats.

What Software do I need to work with portfolios?

You need to use Powerpoint to edit the video templates.
Simply open the template inside your Power Point  software.
Click and Replace with your own content, and then save as video. 

The graphics templates included in the portfolios are in PSD format for editing in Photoshop, the free GIMP or PaintNet downloadable softwares, or free Photopea online software.

What About Compatibility ?

You must have Powerpoint 2010 Or higher, to edit our PPT templates.
You must have PSD Editor (Photoshop, Gimp, free online Photopea) to edit PSD File.


Will it work with Mac ?

You can edit the templates with Mac- but if your PPT templates have video footage- the footage will not render in the final product. Please be aware of this since we do not refund for this reason. 

What's the Refund Policy?

During the Guarantee Period, once the file is downloaded, we will repair or replace, at no charge, any files that prove defective due to an error on our part. (please see full guarantee linked in footer.)


DO NOT dispute via Paypal
All refunds must be processed by JVZoo or Warrior Plus  system as per their business policy.


Can I email you for support ?

Our support is ready for you. 
Please send your questions to :


By receiving a refund, you agree to remove all files downloaded from our website, and all rights to use the product will be revoked. 
We reserve the right to decline a refund if the client does not adhere to these conditions.

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